"When I first saw the pics I new it was going to be awesome, but after seeing it in person I was blown away. The truck ran great all the way back home. Thanks to Triple R Diesel for a real head turner."

Kevin Wood
Claude, Texas
"I bought # 732 and get tons of compliments on the road in and out of job sites. We’ll be definetly coming back for our second one. Keep on Trucking!!"
Joe Clark
Lancaster, Penn.
"This was a Dream come true!! The Mendez family surely exemplifies the meaning of the words honesty and pride. The work speaks for itself, thanks to the whole crew and see you on the NEXT ONE!"
Joey Valadez
Alice, Texas
"The paint job looks fantastic! There were several extras inside and out that I didn’t expect. Needless to say, the truck exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank the staff at Triple R diesel for a great job on my truck."
Andy Sesi
Las Vegas, Nevada
"I would like to thank the whole crew at Triple R for building me this nice Pete! It was so cool to pick and choose all the add-ons for my truck. I could see how the Mendez Family has a passion for building trucks and it shows with their work."
Dennis Bow
Fountain, Colorado
"Thanks Roland and Triple R for a great truck. I bought my 1994 Peterbilt dump truck in 2006 and still have had no mechanical problems.A few month ago I blew a right front tire and went nose first into a mountain. Arguing with insurance the Texas Chrome Body Shop helped me by coming up with ogiginal receipts as well as paint codes and part numbers. Thanks again to Triple R Diesel, Texas Chrome Shop and Texas Chrome Body Shop!"

Rich Schulz
"I wanted everyone to know what an awesome job the guys at Triple R Diesel did on my 2000 Freightliner Classic. Yes thats right, I said Freightliner. The team at Triple R took this truck like it was their own truck. I think they knew what this truck was going to turn out like before they even started on it. They worked so hard on project 40. Mendez would call me late at night and tell me how my truck was coming along. Thanks for all the detail and excellent work on my Freightliner. I not only got a truely awsome truck, but I also made friends with some really great people at Triple R Diesel. THANK YOU, Russell Parrish"

Russell Parrish
" My new custom truck has been everything we hoped for. We purchased it sight unseen and have gotten tons of compliments here in Iowa! Thanks for a JOB WELL DONE!!"
Jason Salter
" I would like to thank everyone at Triple R for building a fantastic truck for me. Everyone that has seen it loves it! Thanks guys for standing behind this wonderful truck."
Chuck Graves
" Thanks to the team at Triple R Diesel for a job well done, the truck came out awesome and I'm very happy with the work. Cant wait to bring the next one for you guys to customize!!"
Hank Hall
"I want to thank the Mendez Family for a job well done on my truck. I have known Raul, Roland and Raul Sr. for about 20 years. Our history goes back when we drove to the Northeast and Midwest during the 90's hauling auto parts. Theses guys have been around trucks their whole lives and I truly respect that. I want to thank Triple R Diesel for the amazing job; I get so many good compliments on my truck."

Jose Bermea
"I bought truck #572, I have received many compliments on how nice it looks. I am very happy with the truck and how it runs. I like the fact that I was involved in all the details and extras that I wanted to put on the truck. The guys at the shop did a great job and were all very helpful. I would definitely buy my next truck from Triple R Diesel again!!"
Jim Nee
"Reggie and I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you did for us. You went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and satisfied with everything about the truck. I have gotten so many compliments. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that is interested in buying a truck. Keep up the good work
Reggie & Kelly Garrett
North Carolina
"Thanks to everyone at Triple R Diesel for building a phenomenal truck. Everyone who sees it, is blown away! Triple R Diesel not only lived up to my expectations, but surpassed them."
Steve Prudhome
"I would like to thank the staff at Triple R diesel for a great job on my truck. Their new website is awesome. I was always updated with pictures of my truck, which made me feel as if I were there to see the progress being done on my truck. When I picked up the truck and took it on my first drive, it performed awesome. With the experience I had at Triple R diesel, I will definitely buy my next truck from them."
Felix Jones
"I purchased a 1998 Kentworth T-800 and found Triple R to be very professional and knowledgeable regarding the truck and what I was looking for. I had many questions which were answered and was always treated with respect even if it was a simple question. I drove the truck from Texas to Maine without any problems. I know that I can call on them for help on any issue with the truck. They truly are focused on the customer."
Michael J. Dell
"I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical about buying a used dump truck from a company over 800 miles away. After my first phone conversation with Triple R I was almost 100% positive that I was making the right choice. Even though I could not go down to Texas on a weekly basis I was still able to watch my trucks being built from the comfort of my own home. Oh yeah and by the way we liked the first 2 so much we decided to buy us a day cab to match the dump trucks. Thanks to the Triple R Team for our 3 awesome trucks!!"
Nick Reade
" To buy a Truck from Triple R Diesel has been the best decision I have made all my expectations were met, everything we had talk about was in the truck at the time of pickup, I have to admit Tripe R is the best source for Used Dump Truck Sales."
Roberto Cancino
" Im very thankful to Triple R Diesel for all their work to provide me with an awesome truck, I was very staisfied with the Sales Department who were always available to any requests I had. Once again Thank you Triple R for an amazing job well done."
"We have truck #580 and have had a ton of compliments about the truck, it runs and works very well. We would like to thank the crew at Triple R Diesel for a great job we will continue working with your company."
John Teague
" I could not thank Triple R Diesel and all their crew enough for all the work thay have done on my truck. It is a tight machine. I met Mr. Mendez , Roland, Anthony and Raul they are hard working people. I feel as if we are all family, I own Truck number 536 this truck is getting 6.6 mpg and hauling 25.5 tons all day long. We will be buying our next truck from Triple R Diesel.

To all of you at Triple R Thank you very much."
Gerard Riquier
"When I first started talking to Triple R Sales Team, I could tell they weren't just about making a sale, they were about getting the customer what they wanted and that is just what they did. Our Pete 379 Extended hood is beautiful and turns heads everyday,THANK YOU Triple R diesel for everything you have done and we will be staying in touch!!"
Andy Evans
"Thanks to Triple R Diesel I had nothing but good luck and good looks for the truck I purchased.I just want to say that I will definitely will be buying my next truck from Triple R Diesel."
Drew Oyenuga
"In February, I was in need of a replacement truck and came across Triple R Diesel's web site. I spoke with Raul and let him know the specs I needed for my day cab truck. And what do you know, we came up with a phenomenal custom paint job and truck that turns heads. Top this Trick My Truck!!"
Paul Robello
"It is great to know that there are still honest people in this world. We bought our 1999 KW T-800 sight unseen bases on Roland's word. It was everything he said it would be and more. We have had it about 6 months and have not had one single thing go wrong with it. We get compliments every day on how sharp it looks. Thanks guys for a job well done."
Craig Gamett
New Mexico
"When we purchased our first truck in 2005 there were not many trucks from Triple R Diesel here on the Island. We went back to Triple R Diesel for our next truck and stepped it up to a custom built. They are an awesome crew to work with they stayed in touch with us every step of the way. Gave us updates with photos, email, calls, and videos on the progress. It's awesome to see many Triple R Trucks here on the Big Island of Hawaii." "TRIPLE R DIESEL ROCKS"
Hursley Alani
"Thank you for working with us, we are very happy with the quality of the truck. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Thank You for everything.
Michael Penner
"I purchased a Kenworth W900L dump truck in Oct 2006. From the minute I arrived at Triple R Diesel, I notice a first class operation. The shop was spotless and the employees were very knowledgeable. The Triple R staff has taken care of us and stood behind their product. I get compliments every day on this truck, It's the best looking dump truck in town! I will definitely purchase my next truck from Triple R Diesel."

John Schneeberger
" When I recieved my Peterbilt, I was blown away. It turned out awesome!! Often when I get to most jobsites, I have to convince the foreman that it's a working dump truck and it's ok to get it dirty!

I still get compliments all the time. If you have to drive something all day sometimes 7 days a week then you should at least be proud of it."
Tim Wheeler
"Thanks for building us a great truck. We have it here in Ohio and are getting ready to start using it, the truck turned out beautiful, it’s a rolling billboard for our company. Feel free to use my company for any future references you need."

Dan Freeman
"We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone at Triple R Diesel. The truck looks and runs great. We drove the truck from Triple R to Scarborough, Maine (2300 miles) and did not have any problems. After arriving in Maine, I had to have a Maine DOT inspection and the truck passed with no problems. Everybody was impressed with the truck and the attention to detail that went into it....everything is great and would recommend Triple R Diesel to anyone interested in purchasing a truck."
Michael J. Dell'olio
"For the best custom dumps or tractors you can't beat Triple R Diesel in style, class, and durabilty."
William F. Stewart
"We wanted to take a moment to express our thanks and gratitude to everyone @ Triple R Diesel. We are very pleased with our whole purchasing experience. We received everything we were promised. We loved the fact that we could track the progress on our truck everyday.

We flew in from Connecticut a day early to check out our truck. You and your mechanics did an excellent job finishing everything up. Your mechanics are top-notch and your painters are incredible.They made our truck look truly one-of –a-kind.After owning the truck for almost one year we are still very satisfied. This is pretty impressive for a 1996 truck with 800,000 plus miles. We went through a Connecticut D.O.T. level one inspection with the truck and it passed with absolutely no Violations.You can bet that when the need arises for another truck we will be flying into San Antonio again to visit our friends at Triple R Diesel".

Galen and Mike Kelly
“We are pleased with the service & quality on the trucks that we purchased from Triple R Diesel. To this day we still receive many compliments on how sharp our trucks are”.

Curtis Valencia
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a "PROFESSIONAL JOB-WELL DONE"!

As you directed me to your website, I was immediately impressed with being able to watch the truck being re-built from the ground up with photos being updated on a weekly basis! This enabled my staff and I to excitedly monitor the truck’s progress.

I was happy to see the attention to detail that was paid on the building of the truck, from the main bearing replacements to the interior re-upholstery to the custom paint job!

This custom paint job continues to draw attention as we drive down the highways to our various job sites.

While visiting your facility outside of San Antonio, I was met with your friendly staff and was treated with the genuine "Texan Hospitality". You have very capable and component professionals that ensured the highest quality of work on our truck.

Thank You again for your professional service on a beautiful truck! And when the time comes, our next truck will again come from Triple R Diesel"!
Leonard S. Tanaka
"I purchased my truck from Triple R Diesel on August of 2006. When I arrived at the airport, they had someone there to pick me up and take me to their facility. I was very impressed with my truck and how I was treated. Their lead mechanic went thru another full inspection and road test with me to make sure I was 100% fully satisfied with my truck. Thanks to Triple R for a wonderful experience".
Greg Petterson
New Mexico
"After researching many companies to make the huge decision regarding where to purchase our next dump truck the choice was clear Triple R Diesel was our best option. We looked at many companies basing our choice on quality, service, experience and customer service. Triple R Diesel was above and beyond our standards. We had the pleasure to meet and interview their techinicians, welding team, graphic designers, and sales staff. The end result was one we would gladly endorse and recommend. Our next dump truck purchase will be at Triple R Diesel".
Dave Daniels
"Purchasing my first dump truck was a huge life changing experience for me. I did my homework and checked all my references regarding what companies to choose from.

The team at Triple R Diesel flew me down to San Antonio, Texas and included me in the entire process of creating a customized dump truck. I was sold, Triple R Diesel, made my vision and my dream into a reality".

Dwayne Fields
"Raul from Triple R Diesel always went above and beyond what was expected even after the sale. I love my new truck, “Thanks to the Triple R Team for a great job"!!
Wes Cate
"Having searched all over the country for a "stand out" dump truck to add to our growing excavation business, I found Triple R Diesel on line. I searched there web page at length. Their trucks really stood out from the rest of the trucks I had seen. I contacted Raul Jr. and after a hundred or more questions, I placed my order with him for my customized dream truck. Each week I was updated with pictures on line and watched in anticipation.

I personally flew to San Antonio, Texas to pick my truck up when it was completed and drove it to its new home in Victor, Idaho, I have been completely impressed with the first class personal service I have received from Triple R Diesel and all the staff. I will be buying my next truck from these guys. There is nothing like driving a truck that stands out from all the others with class and style, not to mention the great marketing my business gets while driving it. Triple R Diesel is a class act business and I am proud to be an owner of a product of their talents".

Layne Meyers
"I ordered my trucks in August of 2006 and I wanted to say Thank You. Business has been up and down but the trucks have been awesome!! We constantly get compliments and it seems everybody we run into wants to know who built them. Hopefully we’ll be ordering two more trucks next year! Thanks again Triple R for a job well done".
Chris Vickers
"I went to Triple R Diesel on February of 2005 to pick up my truck. When I arrived I could not believe my eyes, my truck was more than I had expected, As I test drove the truck I felt confident that I had made the right choice.

Thanks Triple R Diesel for an awesome dump truck!"
James Hall
"My company needed to purchase a new dump truck. I looked at new and used. I compared prices and quality. I visited Triple R to see for myself. I didn’t buy one…I bought two! Four months later I went back and bought a third unit, My Company is a heavy truck company that hauls asphalt products for highway construction. My Triple R Trucks look and run as good as the day I bought them."

Bill Weaver
New York
"I Steve Shipp could not have bought a Dump Truck from any better people than “Triple R Diesel”. The Truck was in really good condition due to the expertise that Triple R Diesel has in manufacturing great equipment. The personal in the shop has always been there to answer my questions and the owners have always stood behind their trucks 100%. They have done more than anyone could ever ask. There prices are the best that I have ever seen, and believe me I shopped around before doing business with “Triple R Diesel”. I will always be appreciative in what all Triple R Diesel has done for me and will continue to tell people of my experience with this company".
Steve Shipp
"Image and quality of my truck is very important to me. Being a buyer all the way from Guam is a long way, so every purchase must be considered greatly. The trucks are awesome and they are exactly what I expect from a supplier. Our visit was greeted with first class with the real “San Antonio Steak” and couldn’t ask for more. You definitely can count on return business, and that’s a guarantee".
Jeremy G. Tereas
"When my 25 year old son made the decision to buy his first truck, as a skeptic I made it my business to be involved in the purchase. Not only where all his hopes and dreams of starting his own business involved in this decision, financially this was an enormous impact on us. With so many choices, and options, Triple R Diesel was our best choice. Triple R Diesel’s professionalism, customer service, quality, workmanship made our choice clear. Communication is important when creating a custom product; my son was able to communicate with any team member at any time (day, night and weekends)making him part of this truly customized process.

It’s also good to know that in such a fast paced world of production-supply and demand-Triple R Diesel stops to focus on all the little details, redefining what customer service means".
Robert Foster
"I drove my truck from Triple R Diesel all the way to Washington (2,400 miles)and did not have any problems, it was smooth ride home. In the process of buying my truck I had the help of the sales staff from Triple R Diesel. They were very kind and really helpful with everything I needed to know. If you want a good, custom truck, Triple R Diesel is the place to go. I had told my friend Ken Davis about the company and he ended up getting his truck from Triple R Diesel. We were very happy with our trucks and the way turned out. Thanks to Triple R Diesel for a great job!!"
Rob Whelpley
"We (Linhart Transport) would like to take this opportunity to say "THANKS" for your cooperation and continued service from the beginning through the time we drove to San Antonio to take delivery of the truck. You and everyone at Triple R Diesel were very accommodating and pleasant.The Truck is running fine and looks great. We’ve received many complimentary comments on how good the truck looks.

Triple R stood by their word, making certain everything they promised was accomplished. We would be happy to recommend Triple "R" Diesel to anyone interested in buying a truck."
Larry J. Linhart

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