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Administration Takes First Step to Reopening Mexican Border

January 13th, 2011

The Obama administration last week took the first step toward reinstituting commercial truck traffic between the United States and Mexico, although it said details would not be released for several months.

The Department of Transportation sent Congress a two-page outline that it called “an initial concept document for a long-haul cross-border trucking program that prioritizes safety, while satisfying the United States’ international treaty obligations.”

The administration has been searching for a solution to the border question since March 2009, when Congress halted a pilot program put in place by President George W. Bush after a little over a year, provoking nearly $2 billion in punitive tariffs on U.S. goods by Mexico.

DOT said in its statement that the document “is a starting point for renewed negotiations with Mexico” and “addresses concerns” raised by U.S. industry, lawmakers and advocacy groups.

Since the United States shut down the pilot program, Mexico has imposed tariffs on U.S. exports ranging from frozen processed potatoes, yarn and peanuts to pork products, ketchup and cheeses (8-23, p. 1).

A spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington made no mention of the tariffs, saying only that his government “will carefully evaluate the U.S. proposal to try to constructively move forward with the administration and the U.S. Congress towards a resolution that allows for a cross-border trucking system that, while operating under clear rules, provides certainty to transport companies, exporters, importers and consumers in North America, as established under NAFTA.”


Texas Chrome Shop Offers free Steering Wheel

December 14th, 2010

Texas Chrome Shop is offering a “Free Steering Wheel” until December 31, 2010 with the purchase of  Package 7″ or Package 8″ for chrome stacks. The steering wheel is valued at $200. Take advantage of this amazing deal while you still have time!


While working as a truck driver in San Antonio, Texas Raul Mendez, CEO and Founder of Mendez Trucking dreamed one day of having his own truck and company. For years Raul worked hard, building steps towards reaching his goal until he purchased his first truck, an eighteen-wheeler. This turned his life long dream into a reality, and it was just the beginning.

In 2003 Raul Mendez and his family built a service shop Triple R Diesel where the Mendez philosophy of respect, honest prices, the best work, and having a company with integrity is used daily to service their tractors. Triple R Diesel continues to provide customers and companies the best possible service that everyone deserves. Raul Mendez and his family serves as an example of hard work, patience, persistence, faith, and the belief that anyone can make their greatest dreams come true.

With your support and willingness to be treated right, Triple R Diesel and Texas Chrome Shop will continue to provide you and your company with the best possible service that you know you deserve. Raul Mendez, his company, and his family serve as a wonderful example of how with hard work, patience, persistence, and faith, anyone can make their dreams come true.


Texas Chrome Shop is always leading the competition with all your semi-truck accessory needs. Come visit our website at www.Texaschromeshop.com to find what you are looking for to outfit your big rig. We carry a full line of quality name brand items such as Pro-tech, Fiber Tech, Kenworth Accessories, and more!

We generally have all our items in stock and ready to ship to you. Texas Chrome Shop takes great pride in what they do, and offer the best professional customer service possible. Accessorizing your rig is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Texas Chrome Shop offers the best prices for your semi truck chrome parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking for Peterbilt interior accessories or Kenworth parts and accessories, TexasChromeShop.com is always there to give you the best deals and prices. Give them a call today or visit their website for more information.

Please call us at 1-800-794-9817 for all your technical issues concerning your big rig.


Truck Market Strengthening, Daimler Financial Exec Says

October 13th, 2010

This story appears in the Oct. 4 print edition of Transport Topics.

WASHINGTON — The new truck market is showing signs of picking up further this fall as the economy improves and the nation’s truck fleet continues to grow older, the head of Daimler Truck’s U.S. financial arm said.

“I continue to be optimistic,” said Juergen Rochert in a Sept. 27 interview with Transport Topics staff in Daimler’s Washington office. “In large part, the economy is moving in the right way. People are getting their arms around the new technology [in 2010 trucks] — the economics are there. The average age of the fleet is approaching seven years. I can’t imagine a fleet that is 8½ years old.”

U.S. truck sales through August climbed 16.5% this year from the same period of 2009, but the pace remains well below the level needed to renew a fleet whose age is at a 20-year high (click here for previous story).

Optimism is being fueled by fleets’ growing interest in new trucks with better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs as the prices for late-model used equipment rise and that supply dwindles, said Geoff Robinson, vice president of sales, marketing and remarketing for Daimler Truck Financial.

Used tractors on the market buyers consider to be low-mileage vehicles now typically have 400,000 miles on them, compared with 250,000 in past years, he said.

Transport Topics

Need Big Rig Accessories?

August 31st, 2010

Texas Chrome Shop makes it easy to find semi truck parts and accessories. Online gallery/store helps truckers get ideas on customizing their semi truck.

When truckers leave home for the road, their focus is usually on everything but finding semi truck chrome accessories for their “Big Rig”. However, something may interest them to call us and ask: “Where can I find semi truck accessories to trick my truck?

Unlike light truck accessories, semi truck accessories are manufactured specifically for a truck, such as Peterbilt or Kenworth accessories. Semi truck accessory manufacturers also produce universal accessories. Remember that you need to know your audience.
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It makes it much easier for us to find accessories for your truck if you have a quality photo to work with when we communicate with semi truck accessory manufacturers. Many times we can locate specific parts with a broadcast email to many semi truck accessory manufacturers.

Online catalogs are the best to locate your semi truck accessories because most manufacturers keep their websites current with the latest additions to their product lines. If you need help locating semi truck chrome accessories for you rig, visit us anytime at www.Texaschromeshop.com

At least two to three times a day someone calls with an older truck application. They are usually frustrated because they haven’t found any chrome parts and accessories for their truck. Ask us if a custom quote is available for the accessory you want. This is not an unusual request. We have the tooling in place to make almost any customized semi truck accessory you request.


Triple R Diesel Custom T’s for Christmas

November 23rd, 2009

Triple R Diesel is offering custom t-shirts for Christmas. The shirts allow kids to color the semi truck and make it permanent by just using an iron. Check out what Custom Rigs Magazine wrote about this new item:


Seems like everyone is gearing up for Christmas–and Thanksgiving turkeys haven’t even seen the inside of the ovens yet! For instance the Triple R Diesel guys down there in San Antonio, Texas, just let us know about some cool custom big-rig tee’s they have for kids. What’s interesting about these T-shirts is the kids have a hand  in decorating them.


Triple R Diesel just added Big Rig Tees, which comes in a kit with a special set of fabric dye sticks that allow the kids to color the shirts with their own artistic impression.

To set the color permanently all that is needed is a household iron set on the cotton setting.Once they have finished coloring their shirt kids can’t wait to wear their new creation.


Now how cool is that for a kid’s Christmas gift!


Raul Mendez, one of the owners of Triple R, says, “The custom T’s are available through our Texas Chrome Shop for $14.95 in kid’s sizes. And we’ll be selling them at our booth in some of the larger trucks shows next year.”


http://www.customrigsmag.com/keep-on-truckin-at-christmas/ see the whole article here.


Contact Triple R Diesel to get your custom T. www.Triplerdiesel.com


Triple R Diesel, Inc.


16233 IH 35 South, Atascosa, Texas 78002

Toll Free: 1(800) 794-9817

Local: (210) 622-5757

Texas Chrome Shop Has Made the Winter Cover of Custom Rigs Magazine

November 4th, 2009

Texas Chrome Shop’s Project One made the winter cover of Custom Rigs magazine.

If you are a subscriber to Custom Rigs, then you’ve probably already read their Winter issue from cover to cover. Those of you who aren’t subscribers better hoof it down to your local Petros or one of their Preferred Partner chrome shops who carry Custom Rigs because they only print a limited number of issues and those go really fast.


Visit: http://www.customrigsmag.com/winter-issue-out/ To view the whole article!




Lincoln Industries Aftermarket Truck business announces new distribution agreement with Texas Chrome Shop

October 7th, 2009

Lincoln Industries a manufacturer of premium, high quality chrome exhaust stacks, announced their newest distribution partner, Texas Chrome Shop.


Texas Chrome Shop is a semi truck service shop and chrome accessory shop located in central Texas who specialize in building custom trucks.  “We could not be more excited to be working with Raul and Roland Mendez and the team at Texas Chrome Shop.  Their passion for trucking and dedication to their customers match perfectly with Lincoln Industries,” said Darren Parker, Director of Lincoln Industries Aftermarket Truck business.


Texas Chrome Shop now offers the complete line of Lincoln Industries chrome exhaust stacks. Lincoln Industries offers stacks for Peterbilt, Kenwoth, and most major truck brands in the market.





Texas Chrome Shop is your Leading Custom Rig Shop for Chrome Stacks.

September 23rd, 2009

Thinking about customizing your semi truck? Texas Chrome Shop is running specials this month on Chrome Stacks, Lincoln Stacks, Peterbilt Exhausts, Peterbilt Stacks, and Dynaflex Products.


We generally have all our items in stock and ready to ship to you. Texas Chrome Shop takes great pride in what they do, and offer the best professional customer service possible. Accessorizing your rig is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Texas Chrome Shop offers the best prices for your semi truck chrome parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking for chrome stacks, Lincoln stacks, Peterbilt exhausts, Peterbilt stacks, or Dynaflex products, TexasChromeShop.com is always there to give you the best deals and prices. Give them a call today or visit their website for more information.

Give them a call at 1-800-332-9999 or visit www.Texaschromeshop.com for any questions concerning your big rig.





16233 IH 35 South

Atascosa, Texas 78002

local 210-622-5757

fax 210-622-5750



Join Texas Chrome Shop at the Fairplex Pomona Truck Show Latino!

September 23rd, 2009

The Only Major U.S. Truck Show designed to attract thousands of Hispanic/Latino truckers will take place Oct.17-18th at the Fairplex Pomona. See the Mendez brothers Project 1 Peterbilt in the Texas Chrome Shop booth #333.The truck capturing the most attention at and wining BEST OF SHOW at a recent truck show was the Mendez brother’s radical Project 1 Peterbilt. Raul Jr. and Roland Mendez rolled in their beautiful rig off the trailer with the paint still wet and a few trim pieces still needing to be bolted on before the judging began. See this beautiful truck in the Texas Chrome Shop booth #333.


The Truck Show Latino will again be held in conjunction with the Construction Truck and Equipment Expo sponsored by The California Dump Truck Owners Association. The combined shows are in the heart of the Southwest’s greatest concentration of construction equipment and the largest U.S. Latino trucker population.

We are very excited to combine two events with such great potential. While each show has a different focus, they share multiple facets of equipment and audience/driver involvement, benefiting all attendees. The strong synergies of Latino’s in trucking and construction provide the perfect cross-over for exhibitors.

Once again there will be a Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest. Brining dozens of dazzling and decked-out big rigs, the competition for trophies and prizes will draw many admiring Latino truckers and their trucker friends.


Call us at 210-622-5757 or visit our website www.TexasChromeShop.com for more details.




Texas Chrome Shop “Project 1″ Peterbilt Captures Best of Show GATS 2009 Winner!!

September 2nd, 2009

Texas Chrome Shop wins Best of Show at GATS 2009. The truck capturing the most attention at the 11th annual GATS was Texas Chrome Shop’s radical Project 1 Peterbilt. Read what Overdrive Custom Rigs had to say about these years winners.


It wasn’t a surprise for anyone attending the 2009 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas to see a heavy contingency of custom rigs entered in Overdrive’s Pride & Polish truck beauty show. After all, trucking is big in Texas. The surprise was just how good the boys in the Lone Star state are when it comes to customizing their rides. Texas-based Z-Bar Transport, Lindamood Demolition, Bill Hall Jr Trucking, and trucks customized by the Texas Chrome Shop hauled away more than half of the Pride & Polish trophies.



The truck capturing the most attention at the 11th annual GATS was the Mendez brothers radical Project 1 Peterbilt. Raul Jr. and Roland Mendez rolled in their beautiful rig off the trailer with the paint still wet and a few trim pieces still needing to be bolted on before the judging began. The San Antonio, Texas, entry built by the Texas Chrome Shop ended up winning the prestigious Best of Show honors beating out the Chrome Shop Mafia’s Ivy’s Poison, another brand new limited mileage show truck. “We have customized 650 customer’s trucks over the years our little shop has been in business,” says Raul Mendez Jr. “But this is the first truck owned by our family to be customized. Roland came up with the concept two years ago,” explains Raul Jr. ” Steve Cervantes, our in-house artist, sketched his idea out and we let the drawing hang in on our office wall until this last February. We’d just look at the picture and talk about what we wanted and how to get it done.”


Roland says they rolled their ‘98 Peterbilt 379 into the shop in February to start the work.”  The last four months we’ve worked night and day getting it done. Everyone in our shop had a role in how it turned out. Everyone took a lot of pride in their job and it shows.”


“Project 1 is the Texas Chrome Shop’s way of letting the country know what we can do down in San Antonio,” adds Raul Jr.” We can turn anyone’s dream [of owning a radical custom show truck] into a reality. The guys we have in our custom and paining shop are some of the best in the world.”


Custom fiberglass door panels, killer sound system, and creative design were just part of the reason the Texas Chrome Shop’s Project 1 caught show judges and show goer’s eyes.


Read the rest of Custom Rigs article here:




Texas Chrome Shop.






16233 IH 35 South, Atascosa, Texas 78002


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