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Triple R Diesel, Inc.
16233 IH 35 South Atascosa, Texas 78002
Local: (210) 622-5757
Fax: (210) 622-5750


The History of Triple R Diesel

The story of Triple R Diesel starts almost 37 years ago when Raul Mendez wished that one day he would own his own truck, and start his own company. After many years of hard work Raul was just a few steps away of reaching his goal. He worked hard so he could purchase his very first 18 wheeler, turning his lifelong dream into a reality. This is the beginning of an awaited journey where Raul Mendez Sr. becomes the first employee of Mendez Trucking.


In the year 2001, Mr. Mendez and his family built a service shop called Triple R Diesel where the Mendez philosophy can be extended now to all fellow truck drivers.  Triple R Diesel is a truck dealer that specializes in custom building dump trucks. Our main concern is customer satisfaction. At Triple R Diesel, truck drivers can buy a semi truck without having to worry about any future problems.


They won’t loose their business if any major failure occurs; especially if they invested all their money putting their truck into operation. Everyone is entitled to respect, honesty prices, the best work, and have a company with integrity service their tractors. The last several years have shown that the same principals that made Mendez Trucking one of the greatest companies in Texas can also be applied with great success to their service center and parts shop Triple R Diesel.


Triple R Diesel


Toll Free: 1(800) 794-9817

Local: (210) 622-5757

16233 IH 35 South

Atascosa, Texas 78002

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